Jérémy Janin z bloga przetestował nasz śpiwór Panyam 450!
Zapoznaj się z jego recenzją na,
a jeśli wolisz wersję po angielsku, zapraszamy do przeczytania poniższego komentarza ze wspaniałymi zdjęciami samego autora:

“For the past couple months, I had the chance to be testing the Cumulus Panyam 450 sleeping bag. I spend a lot of time in the French Alps and really enjoy stay for the night to be able to watch the sunset from the tent and take pictures of the starry nights from up there."

"Keeping your body warm at all time is key for a successful night at 2500m and above. Whether it's sleeping in the middle of summer or in spring and early fall, this sleeping bag kept me warm and made my nights in the tent super comfortable. I actually never slept that well in the mountains."

"The Panyam 450 is a super compact and lightweight sleeping bag which doesn't take a lot space in the backpack when going hiking. As a filmmaker, I always carry more filming gear than clothes to save some weight and room in the bag. That's why I wanted to find a really compact and lightweight sleeping bag which would be able to keep me warm even during freezing nights and still be affordable."

"Buying a good sleeping bag for sub zero temperatures always requires a big budget as most of the brands will sell it for 400€ and more. The Cumulus Panyam 450 comes at a price tag of 260€ which makes it a deal compared to its competitors.
When you release the sleeping bag from its carrying bag, its volume instantly soaks up the air around and the sleeping bag takes his regular shape again. When it's time to switch off the headlamp and enjoy the night, the sleeping bag is super comfortable as you feel like in a warm cocoon even though there's a freezing wind outside."


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